Dogecoin hitting an all-time high price of $0.61. Experts say it will reach 1$ on May 8d.

Today on 4 of May 2021 dogecoin hit an all-time high price which was 0.61$!
Many experts say that dogecoin will hit 1$ on 8 day of May.

Many investors are advising to not only buy dogecoin but to also hold it when it reaches 1$

People are starting to set new goals for dogecoin and saying that they are holding it till it reaches 10$ or even 100$ per coin! Imagine the profits.
People on Reddit are already celebrating and showing off the results of investments.

Elon Musk will host the show on “Saturday Night Live” on May 8, and Miley Cyrus will perform as a musical guest, according to the show’s announcement late last month. Musk tweeted on his social media account that he will be talking about dogecoin on Saturday Night Live which will heavily influence people to pump the dogecoin even more!

When buying dogecoin it’s important to make sure you’re dealing with a credible exchange. The best exchanges for cryptocurrencies are:
1. Crypto
2. Kraken
3. Binance

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crypto investor

doge to the moon!!


Don’t sell when it reaches 1$!! HOLD IT!


I’m holding it forever



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