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    In Slovakia there is a soccer stadium one of a kind with a train passing by the stadium(Video)

    Going to a sports game to see your favorite players compete, rather than sitting at home and watching the live coverage, has a number of advantages. The noise, the crowd, the yelling, and the occasional disturbance all contribute to the excitement of being in a stadium. Remember how fun it must be for fans to […] More

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    As part of a primary safety test, SpaceX blew up a Falcon

    Shortly after its launch on Sunday, SpaceX purposely blew up one of its Falcon 9 rockets, a last test before the private aerospace corporation was able to send NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.”We’re deliberately failing a launch vehicle to ensure that our abort device on the spacecraft that will be operating with our […] More

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    How I Met Your Mother Trivia Quiz

    Most people truly like Friends or Seinfeld. For some of us, however, Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall, and Lily are the only group of NYC-based friends who really matter. Their shenanigans were just as frequently over-the-top as the other groups of mates, but the How I Met Your Mother gang had something more real, sincere and […] More

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