Kaunas “Žalgiris” Basketball team singing together with its fans after winning LKL championship for the eleventh time in a row and coach Martin Schiller saying all he wants to do now is drink like a Lithuanian.

Žalgiris Marius Grigonis singing a song with his crewmates after winning Lithuanians basketball leagues 1-place, defeating Lietuvos rytas with a solid 11 points difference. The winner of the LKL championship for the 2020-2021 season was determined on Monday. Kaunas Žalgiris won the LKL championship for the 11th time in a row after winning the final series 3: 0.M. Schiller’s students defeated Vilnius “Rytas” basketball players 84:73 in the decisive match (16:15, 25:23, 23:15, 20:20).

Miller said he looks forward to drink like Lithuanians do

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Written by Luke Chaz

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